The aims of Corporate Social Responsibility are to analyse and advise CSR practitioners, in terms of their activities being active, passive, strategic or innovative. This is so as to;

  • Ensure that goals of profitability and jobs are not achieved at any price.
  • Businesses take responsibility for how their activities affect people, society and the environment
  • Contribute to meeting social and environmental challenges currently facing the world through innovation and responsible operations

We have the capacity to speak to 500 - 3000 students per week in several schools through our Careers Training program

Our CSR extends to our Student tours; for every 10 fee paying students we offer ONE FREE sponsorship to a bright but financially disadvantaged student. 

We specifically target students from Upper Primary Std 5 to High school. The aim is to have such students return back into their schools, families, homes & communities - to provide leadership and impact the same through their experience


CSR; Mentoring in Sports training 

Akad Africa has the pleasure to coach Shotokan Karate at High School level as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Below are a sample of top Shotokan Karate Kata.

We are especially indebted to the late Sensei Michael Schollay, who faithfully taught us Shotoan at high school at great personal cost. He was the Kenya Shotokan Karate Association chief instructor, and passed on - on 23rd April 2003 while undergoing treatment at the West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth in UK.

Sensei Schollay was born in Edinburgh Scotland on April 23, 1938, and is one of the pioneers of shotokan karate in Kenya. Among his contributions and achievements was the invitation of renowned Japanese international instructor, Sensei Kanazawa to conduct clinics in Kenya.

We welcome supporters of this sport to participate with us! Kindly contact us!



Michael Jai White Fight Scene




Shotokan Karate Katas


Kata: Heian Shodan 




Kata: Heian Nidan 



Kata: Heian Sandan 



Kata: Heian Sandan 





Kata: Heian Yodan 



Kata: Heian Godan



Kata: Bassai Dai



Kata: Jion



Kata: Enpi



Kata: Kanku Dai



Kata: Ji'in



Kata: Chinte



Kata: Unsu



by Italian National Kata



Kata: Sochin


Kata: Hagetsu



Kata: Tekki Shodan



Kata: Tekki Nidan



Kata: Tekki Sandan



Kata: Kanku Sho



Kata: Gankaku 



Kata: Meikyo




Gojushiho Sho 


Kata: Gojushiho Dai



Kata: Hyakuhachiho



Blood and Bone: Prison fight - Michael Jai White

Akad Education Group

Basic Shotokan Karate Club Training


Program Outline: Time = 2 Hours


1. Meditiation

2. Notices, Rules & Regulations

3. Warm up

4. Basic Stances, Punches and kicks

5. Basic Blocks

6. Jion-ipon

7. Basic Shotokan Kata

1.      ·  Heian Shodan

2.      ·  Heian Nidan

3.      ·  Heian Sandan

4.      ·  Heian Yondan

5.      ·  Heian Godan

6.      ·  Tekki Shodan

7.      ·  Tekki Nidan

8.      ·  Tekki Sandan


8. Senior Kata

1.      ·  Bassai Dai

2.      ·  Kanku Dai

3.      ·  Empi

4.      ·  Hangetsu

5.      ·  Jitte

6.      ·  Gankaku

7.      ·  Jion

8.      ·  Bassai Sho

9.      ·  Kanku Sho

10.  ·  Chinte

11.  ·  Nijushiho

12.  ·  Sochin

13.  ·  Unsu

14.  ·  Gojushiho Sho

15.  ·  Gojushiho Dai

16.  ·  Meikyo

17.   Wankan Jiin

18. Hyakuhachiho


9. Kumite & Kumite tactics

10. Tournament / Grading Preparation

11. Meditation






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