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is working together to achieve a goal. It is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.

According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, an Educational Collaborative Partnership is an ongoing involvement between schools and business/industry, unions, governments and community organizations. Educational Collaborative Partnerships are established by mutual agreement between two or more parties to work together on projects and activities that will enhance the quality of education for students while improving skills critical to success in the workplace. Collaboration in Education- two or more co-equal individual voluntarily brings their knowledge and experience together by interacting toward a common goal in the best interest of students for the betterment of their education success. Students achieve team building and communication skills meeting many curricular standards. Students have the ability to practice real-world communication experiences. Students gain leadership through collaboration and empowers peer to peer learning.





Vision 21

Vision 21 has a passion for doing sports in Africa and utilizing strong communication channels towards achieving a Victory. By putting into action advertising and marketing models, Vision 21 offers businesses a real opportunity to connect with sports organizations, federations and associations cross Africa. Located in Senegal and Kenya, Vision 21's passion, commitment and persistence in the sporting world has resulted in an ever expanding network of resources globally and strategic partnerships in 12 African countries. For more information, see

Vision 21 locations cross Africa; we are located in Senegal and Kenya


Vision 21 is involved in talent scouting in 16 countries, and specifically handles Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal on behalf of Aspire Academy,  and Aspire Football dreams -

Vision 21 begins with scouting at 100 centres in East Africa, each with 704 students and these are eventually reduced to the top 50 students, out of whom 3 are offered a 4 year scholarship to the Aspire Academy, whose pictures are below;


 Aspire Swimming Pool


Elimu Holidings 

Started in May of 2008, A Website Per Learning Institution initiative was set up to place all educational institutions on the Internet in the most Functional, Effective And Sustainable way.

Functionality: The websites built for the schools are now the most powerful mode of communication for the schools' communities i.e. teachers, parents, students, alumni and ministry officials.

Effectiveness: Elimu pursues activities and processes that ensure the websites built for the schools have a high output to input ratio. For every effort, shilling or minute put in developing or maintaining the website the school gets maximum use of the website by its people.

Sustainability: Elimu will create partnerships with members of the corporate community by building compelling business cases for the partnership. The corporate partners will find the websites and activities around the development or maintenance of the websites attractive for marketing, branding, sales and social responsibility.

Towards the above goals Elimu has built websites for 277 schools and colleges making it the largest private sector project for ICT and Education in Kenya. This includes schools such as Precious Blood Riruta, Mang'u High School , Maseno School, Loreto Convent Valley Road and many others from all Counties in Kenya. The full list of the institutions can be obtained from here.

Elimu is also successfully conducting countrywide workshops to train school administrators and IT/computer teachers on how to manage the sites. This ensures that all the websites created are updated regularly and accurate - an important value discussed at all the workshops.

To ensure the initiative's sustainability, Elimu already has working partnership and sponsorship agreements with Safaricom, CIC Insurance, The Kenya ICT Board, The Ministry of Education and Computers for Schools Kenya.


  Aspire Athletics Track

Aspire Gymnastics Hall


This is a space for those whose young hearts are drawn  and moved by the suffering that exists in our homeland. It ‘s a space for those young people who are concerned about their society and are willing to give what they have now, to make their immediate community, our country, and Africa, a better place. A space to discuss societal issues, share ideas and knowledge, challenge systems, debate, learn… A platform to grow, make others grow and build our nation and continent.



The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognised proof of full-time student status and is endorsed as such by UNESCO, the European Council on Culture, the Community of Andean Nations, national governments and ministries of education,universities, academic institutions and student organisations worldwide.

Specialties: Discount airfares to students,teachers and youths.(upto 50% of market rates). Discounts on shopping (see the ISIC website  for discounts). Visa application to students


Africa 2.0

Africa 2.0 is a Pan-African Civil Society organization that gathers young emerging leaders from Africa and the Diaspora who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions  that can leapfrog the development of the continent. More than 40 African nationalities are represented in Africa 2.0, with profiles from diverse backgrounds such as private sector, government, and civil society. For more information, see







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Cinematic Solutions

Cinematic Solutions, a film and video production company is proud to announce the formation of an apprenticeship program for persons aspiring to work in the film and video production fields. We are looking for apprentices who are willing to learn what it takes to do high quality production work. Only four apprentices will be enrolled during one calendar year.

With our highly qualified and creative production team we are able to work on Documentaries, commercials, features, corporate videos and TV shows, an example is Churchill live, which is one of the most popular and most watched TV show in our country. We have also worked on a number of films, The Rugged Priest, Malooned, just to mention but a few, which have won numerous awards and received international recognition.

Website link:


Undugu Mentorship Initiative

Undugu Mentorship Initiative operates in Kenya's Coast Province and is concentrating in the counties within the region which have in no doubt lagged behind in academic excellence and development. To achieve our vision and mission, thirteen secondary schools and four religious groups in the province are already benefiting from the programme...Read More


Kenya Keys: Education is the light of the world

Kenya Keys builds a bridge across the world to offer educational opportunities where there are none. Rural Africans long for a chance to overcome the abject poverty that has held them hostage for generations. Since 2005 Kenya Keys has provided ways for caring Americans to actively engage with rural Kenyans to provide countless educational opportunities. No handouts. No imposed solutions. Education becomes the greatest weapon against hopelessness, the greatest genesis for change and growth. See how to join us in this exciting process.






Factual Films is a private liability company incorporated in Kenya since 1974 specializing in the use of the custom built mobile cinema units, road shows, transit advertising, film & documentary production and commercials to bridge the information divide between the urban –rural areas through delivery of edutainment and informative audio visual content and interactive experiential marketing to the rural-urban communities in Kenya.